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Baker Hughes Bently Nevada is the global leader in machinery condition monitoring systems solutions and manufacturer of its both hardware and software elements.

Energomechanika is the Baker Hughes Bently Nevada exclusive partner and distributor in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Ukraine providing “turn – key” solutions in the area of  protection, monitoring and diagnostics of critical rotating and reciprocating equipment as well as both diagnostic and maintenance services.


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GENERAL TURBO is a major manufacturer and supplier of steam turbines for both industrial and power generation applications, generators, electric motors, water industrial pumps and a wide range of spare parts and engineering services for power generation units. Their offer includes also wide range of services like repairs and revamping of steam turbines, overhauls and modernization of power generation equipment, design, erection, commissioning, installation and start-up of the power generation islands and both low and high speed balancing of rotors.

Energomechanika is the GENERAL TURBO exclusive representative in Poland.


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Established in 1933, Peerless Ltd. is an experienced and reliable global leader in the design, manufacturing and deliveries of world class separation filtration equipment, water treatment and environmental systems for industry.

Energomechanika is the PeerLess Ltd. exclusive distributor in Poland, providing services related to delivery and servicing of their separators.


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Established in 2001, Enerbit creates highly specialized software dedicated for power generation industry, based on own innovative solutions developed by their experts. Thir portfolio includes production management and performance monitoring software, optimization and energy efficiency solutions for power generation production assets.

As part of the services offered, ENERBIT provides support at every stage of the project starting from the technical concept, equipment selection up to their installation and maintenance.

As the ENERBIT partner, Energomechanika provides complete systems for management and monitoring of production processes to increase efficiency of heat boilers and optimize energy flow between its source and distribution network.