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Machinery condition monitoring and diagnostic

Machinery condition monitoring and diagnostic

As GE Bently Nevada official partner and distributor for Poland and Baltic Countries, we offer machinery condition monitoring systems, diagnostic and protection systems, including:

  • Eddy current probes (Proximity sensors), seismic sensor systems, accelerometers;
  • Online vibration monitoring systems – the BN 3500 System;
  • Condition monitoring and emergency shutdown systems – ADAPT ESD;
  • Distributed machinery monitoring systems;
  • Periodic machinery monitoring systems;
  • Portable vibration analyzers and data collectors – COMMTEST;
  • Condition monitoring and diagnostics software – SYSTEM 1;

As the official partner of ENERBIT, Energomechanika offers production management and monitoring systems, as well as power saving solutions for wide range of electrical installations.

  • Improving production assets’ reliability and efficiency of your production assets and ;
  • Wide range of condition monitoring systems and equipment for maintenance (reactive maintenance – RM, preventive maintenance – PM, predictive maintenance – PdM, proactive maintenance – PaM)
  • Execution of projects connected with vibration measurement and industrial machinery protection systems;
  • Delivery and implementation of vibration measurement and machinery protection systems (TSI);
  • Delivery and configuration of diagnostics and maintenance management systems (CMS and CMMS);

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