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Our history

Energomechanika is an engineering company specializing in a wide range of professional services dedicated to core industrial sectors. Our strategic goal Is to provide complex solutions for improving the technical condition and performance as well as compliance with environmental requirements of our Customer’s critical production assets with proven and advanced technologies.


We focus on different segments of the oil & gas, power generation, petrochemical and chemical, cement, food industries, district heating, pulp & paper markets serving them with our expertize, qualified engineers and machinery capabilities, including the biggest in CEE high speed balancing facility. With our end-to-end solutions our partners get more insights, optimized operations and greater efficiency


We provide dedicated, backed by global experience and expertise of our local experts, groundbreaking rack-based and distributed condition monitoring and diagnostic software and hardware solutions to ensure greater reliability & efficiency and operation of critical industrial machines in compliance with environmental standards of production assets.


Co-operating with one of the most powerful and technically advanced manufacturer we offer design, manufacturing and delivery of steam turbines, electrical generators and electrical motors as well as high pressure/high flow pumps and a wide range of gas turbine parts. Our portfolio includes also after-sales services, from maintenance and capital repairs to up-grade and complete rehabilitation of power units and spare parts like turbo-blades.


Combining world class software with industry experience, we deliver powerful suite of software solutions for monitoring & management of production assets, manage complex and dynamic processes and optimize plant systems, both in terms of performance as well as regulatory & environmental standards and contractual obligations, to improve plant maintenance and operational costs.


We deliver high-efficiency, high-capacity and low-cost gas & liquid separation solutions and waste water treatment systems, designing, engineering and supplying bespoke individual systems through to complete plants for both onshore and offshore operations to meet or exceed regulatory requirements and achieve maximum performance


Our high technical competence and qualified staff create a professional team which is ready to take challenges related with even most unusual issues and effectively assist in solving problems.


Customers’ satisfaction is our top priority. For that reason, Energomechanika guarantees the highest quality of services provided and constantly strives to build long-lasting business relationships.

Our Commitment

We ensure an excellent technical conditions of industrial installations and significantly improve their efficiency and safety while introducing proven and up-to date technical solutions meeting global standards and all environmental requirements. We guarantee this thanks to the use of most advanced technologies and vast experience of our engineers and partners.

Our Vision

We’re intending to become a one of the leading engineering companies in Poland, providing the best in class solutions in the field of condition monitoring and diagnostics of critical industrial machines as well as important provider of repairs and upgrades of steam turbines, supplier of the new units and a company of the first choice in balancing of the rotors.

Our Mission

Safety and satisfaction of our Customers is our priority.
Based on our knowledge and experience we support their security by providing the most advanced and proven solutions for assessing technical condition of their critical production assets to improve its reliability and efficiency.